Warranty Details

Warranty Details
Warranty Details

Liberty's LIFETIME WARRANTY on all NRA gun safes includes no out of pocket expenses for the owner. If you ever experience a fire or attempted break-in on your NRA gun safe, you will receive:

  1. FREE parts and labor, including in-home service to open the safe door, remove contents and have the damaged safe returned.
  2. FREE delivery and installation of a new replacement NRA gun safe, including the option to upgrade to a better model.
  3. FREE transferable lifetime warranty to new owner in the event you sell your NRA safe to someone else.
    • To be eligible for warranty benefits, you must complete the warranty information and mail to Liberty Safe.
    • For all finer points, review the warranty card and user manual located inside the STOP envelope. The STOP envelope can be found taped to the foam on the top of the safe. 

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