12" wide under-shelf mount jewelry drawer

The best option for the least used space of any safe...underneath the shelves!

These drawers are a great way to organize jewelry and precious items.

  • One jewelry drawer is included with your purchase of a Lincoln, Presidential, National or Premium 20 safe (JEWELRY DRAWERS installed at the factory are mounted under one of the side shelves of your safe).
  • Jewelry drawers are available in four (4) sizes based on the width. Each is designed to fit certain NRA gusn safe models (in parathesis):
  1. 8.5" (fits 20 size models)
  2. 9" (fits 23-25 models)
  3. 12" (35, 40)
  4. 15" (48, 50 & 64)
  • Installation is a snap. Simply remove safe top or side shelves and mount shelf to the underside of the shelf with screws. Re-install shelf.