9. Relocker Devices

Spring-loaded external relocker connected to back cover of lock
Spring-loaded external relocker connected to back cover of lock


  • Relockers are spring-loaded trigger devices in the lock and mechanism. You can't see them, as they are inside the door.
  • Liberty uses two relockers. 1. The first is built inside the lock. 2. The second is outside of the lock, connecting the back plate of the lock to the spring-loaded firing pin that interlocks with the cam or gear-drive mechanism.


  1. When a thief tries to knock the lock's backplate off or torch the lock, the locks internal spring-loaded relocker fires, preventing the tumbler from completely turning and thus keeping the locking bolt (in the lock) from retracting.
  2. Liberty adds a second external relocker to the backplate of the lock and the mechanism. If the lock's back plate is punched off, the external relocker fires like a mouse trap, permanently locking up the safe's mechanism. This keeps the locking bolts from retracting. Even if the lock is completely destroyed the safe is locked tight. 

BEWARE: Many competitor's safes DO NOT have internal relockers inside their locks or a second external relocker connected to the lock's back plate. Liberty on the other hand has both! It's one of the reasons Liberty is UL LISTED and they are not! They figure that if you can't see it, you won't need it. Wrong!